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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Law

How We Help

From development, permits, and zoning concerns to contracts, sales, and leasing, commercial real estate involves many facets of the law.

It’s challenging. We have embraced those challenges while representing developers, builders, lenders, and property owners from acquisition to development, lease, or sale of commercial and industrial properties.

Every commercial real estate matter has unique issues, unique challenges, and unique solutions. Closings. Lease Negotiations. Zoning and land-use matters. Easements.


Our Strategy

We Get Results

There are no boilerplate solutions in commercial real estate. Even so-called turn-key transactions come with a host of questions and issues that must be explored, negotiated, and settled before closing, then revisited.

The stakes are high. That unexpected events may occur at any time are almost a given. No one can plan for a once-in-a-lifetime event. Everyone, however, can include measures, procedures, and contingencies for how to address something so disruptive in the future.

It’s all a matter of experience. Experience with the many complexities of commercial real estate, experience with swiftly, decisively working with clients to handle the unexpected.

It takes attorneys with a breadth of knowledge and years of experience across the spectrum of real estate law to recognize the real issues and efficiently find the right solutions. No real estate issue can be solved too quickly, ‘time is of the essence’ is, after all, the watchword of the real estate industry for a reason.

The attorneys at Front Door Legal have that knowledge and experience. We know Chicago. We listen and we move quickly. We know what’s at stake.

The attorneys at Front Door Legal have earned that experience over years of working with clients to successfully navigate the many challenges of commercial real estate transaction that include:

  • Commercial property development

  • Financing and conveyance

  • Commercial leasing

  • 1031 exchanges

  • Title issues

  • Condemnations

  • Property tax appeals

  • Preparation of easements

  • Open space dedications, land trust documents, and boundary swaps

  • Condominium and planned unit developments

  • Zoning, land use planning, and development

  • Acquiring, financing, developing, commercial property.

  • Commercial leasing

  • Commercial conveyancing and financing

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