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Residential Real Estate Law

How We Help

Front Door Legal will work with you, advise, and guide you through any residential real estate issue and concern you may have.

For buyers and sellers, your house, co-op, condo, or apartment is your home. Sometimes, that home is also a source of income, perhaps livelihood. Why would you put that at risk?

You wouldn’t, of course, not wittingly. But you could do so in the course of any residential real estate transaction and not even know it – sometimes for years.


Our Strategy

We Get Results

There’s no such thing as a simple residential real estate transaction. Buyers and sellers who assume otherwise usually find out – maybe not immediately but certainly somewhere down the line.

There’s uncertainty in every real estate transaction. Buyers make offers based on information provided by the sellers. Renters sign leases without knowing much about the building and less about the landlord. Landlords accept tenants not knowing anything about them beyond the application and credit check.

When it comes to Chicago residential real estate, Front Door Legal’s attorneys and staff have seen it all. We’re never surprised. We know how, when, and where to act to help you.

Here are a few of the residential real estate issues we have successfully handled with our clients:

  • Sales contracts

  • Real Estate Closings

  • Condominium and homeowner associations

  • New construction and development

  • Assessments and appraisals.

  • Title searches and analysis

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