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Residential Real Estate
Secure Your Home 
with Front Door Legal

Your Path to Closing Success

Front Door Legal will work with you, advise, and guide you through any residential real estate issue and concern you may have.

For buyers and sellers, your house, co-op, condo, or apartment is your home. Sometimes, that home is also a source of income, perhaps livelihood. Why would you put that at risk?

You wouldn’t, of course, not wittingly. But you could do so in the course of any residential real estate transaction and not even know it – sometimes for years.


Our Strategy

Navigating the complexities of residential real estate transactions requires precision and foresight, something Front Door Legal excels in. Every purchase or sale of property, be it a cozy condo or a sprawling multi-unit building, carries its own set of challenges and opportunities. Understanding this, our approach is rooted in meticulous preparation and tailored strategy.

At Front Door Legal, we guide our clients through the intricate process of real estate closings and transactions in Chicago, ensuring every detail is handled with precision. Our experienced attorneys and dedicated staff are equipped to manage every aspect of your transaction, from initial contract negotiations to the final handshake at closing.

Our team is committed to removing the uncertainties that come with real estate transactions. Whether you're buying your first home, investing in new construction, or navigating the complexities of condominium development, Front Door Legal is here to ensure your journey is smooth and successful.

Here's a snapshot of the areas we have successfully guided clients in:

  • Negotiating and drafting real estate contracts

  • Managing real estate closings with precision

  • Advising on condominium and homeowner associations

  • Guiding new construction and development projects

  • Real estate title analysis and ensuring clean title for clients

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