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Justin Strane

Founder and Managing Attorney

Justin's journey from a trumpet-playing, ice hockey fan growing up in Michigan, to a trusted real estate and estate planning advisor for his clients, is marked by passion, dedication, and a commitment to client well-being.

What truly enriches Justin's practice is the satisfaction derived from simplifying the complexities of residential real estate transactions and estate planning for his clients. He finds great joy in removing the chaos and stress often associated with these processes, providing clients with peace of mind and clear pathways forward. This client-focused approach, combined with a genuine love for his practice, enables Justin to create lasting impacts on lives, as evidenced by the homes and legacies he has helped clients secure across the Chicago area.

For Justin, his practice transcends real estate transactions and estate planning; it's about fostering community well-being and ensuring a secure future for each client he serves.

(312) 262-5522

Justin Strane
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