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Why You Can Trust Front Door Legal

Our Values

Justin Strane and the Front Door Legal Team know there’s no such thing as a ‘routine’ real estate transaction. From a graduate at one of Chicago’s many colleges and law schools buying their first home to the property owner negotiating a lease to a multi-million-dollar commercial project in the Loop, the stakes are always high for the people involved.  There’s nothing routine or simple about your transaction. 


It means the world to you.


When you are our client, it also means the world to us.

Residential. Commercial. Contracts. Commercial Leases. If you have a real estate issue, we’re here to listen and help.





The Front Door Legal Team assists with purchases, sales, contracts, permits, zoning, and development.


When it comes to Chicago residential real estate transactions, the Front Door Legal Team knows how, when, and where to act to help you.


What happens to your property is just as important as the transaction itself. Do you have a plan for your family?


15 Years Of Experience

Why It Matters

We’re not ‘just’ lawyers. We’re entrepreneurs. We’ve been part of real estate projects at every level for ourselves, our families, and our clients - every day. In other words, we’ve lived it. We’ve been through real estate transactions, big and small, for most of our adult lives. 

We keep our clients informed at every stage and prepared for the twists and turns that almost inevitably arise when dealing with any real estate matter. Real estate matters are fraught with emotions - the stakes are that high - not knowing what’s happening with your transaction is not an option. 

You will never be kept in the dark when you work with Front Door Legal. Ever. Our job is to reduce our clients’ stress, not add to it.

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