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Even for seasoned professionals, real estate transactions have potential pitfalls. For the less experienced, dealing with real estate can be a blur of rules, regulations, clauses, conflicting clauses, misinterpreted provisions, and outright disagreements based on misunderstandings.

We love nothing more than to cut through all that for our clients. We help them avoid the pitfalls, understand the issues, and get a timely resolution. We know what’s at stake for our clients. We know the stress they are under as they worry about their homes or their livelihoods.


Our Strategy

We Get Results

It’s our mission to guide and support our clients while making the legal process as straightforward, efficient, and stress-free as possible. We consider it a privilege when we’re entrusted to represent a client through such an important and challenging time in their lives. Front Door Legal approaches every real estate matter with the focus, care, and attention to detail it deserves.


We know it’s tempting to try to ‘do it yourself.’ Don’t. Don’t pull a lease off the web. Don’t decide that the last contract you used will “work just as well" now with some quick edits. Don’t say or do something in a brewing dispute or early in a negotiation that will box you in and/or be used against you later. Don’t assume anything. Remember the internet isn’t a lawyer.

Every piece of property is unique. There are no cookie-cutter solutions for a real estate transaction or issue. Front Door Legal solves problems across the broad spectrum of real estate matters including the purchase, sale, and closings of residential and commercial real estate, drafting and negotiating of commercial leases, representing condominium associations and owners, and many types of real estate-related matters.



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If we had to, we could describe our Founding Partner Justin Strane in six words: classical musician, entrepreneur, avid hockey fan.


This is more revealing than it looks. Classical musician? It demands precision and discipline. Entrepreneur? Cutting edge, creative, decisive, flexible, rapid-fire problem solver. Avid hockey fan? He loves the ebb and flow of play; knows the game isn’t over until the final horn; understands the need for improvisation under pressure; and when, where, and how to pressure the opposite team. 


That sums up Justin’s approach to the law: disciplined and precise, creative and flexible, he thinks outside the box when needed, negotiates when negotiation is called for and is ready to fight for his clients in court when all else fails.

Before heading off to the University of Michigan, Justin grew up in southeastern Michigan in a family where real estate and architecture were part of everyday life. He went to Michigan to study political science and music, but he had decided on a law career by the time he graduated.

UIC School of Law (previously the John Marshall Law School) followed where he earned his JD and an LLM in real estate law. After that, he practiced law, established a software company that caters to law firms, and, finally, became the founding member of Front Door Legal.

Justin started Front Door Legal with one goal in mind – to design a law firm from the ground up that uses every bit of technology available to allow our attorneys to spend more time with our clients working together on their real estate issues.

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