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Commercial Lease 

Commerical Leases

How We Help

Uncertainty and real estate are a terrible combination. However, there’s one way for commercial tenants and landlords, owners, associations, and commercial properties to avoid uncertainty: a well-drafted lease.

Leases tailored to their needs; follow all applicable state, city, and federal laws and regulations; carefully spell out each party’s obligations and the repercussions for not following them. Clear, concise, and unambiguous.

We know Chicago and the quirks of our commercial landlord tenant market. We know what can go wrong. We know what’s needed to make life easier for everyone.


Our Strategy

We Get Results

We have years of experience working with commercial landlords and tenants in Chicago to negotiate, design, and draft leases that last and are conflict-free. Our attention to detail and ability to draft a clear, comprehensive, and understandable lease is unmatched.

Leases are contracts. Poorly drawn contracts lead to disputes, conflicts, litigation, attorney fees, and lost revenue. A poorly written lease is no different. It creates issues where there should be none. Problems that may not be apparent for months or years. This is true of all leases.

This requires a deep understanding of commercial real estate. However, that understanding is not worth much without the ability to recognize the other party’s needs and negotiate an agreement. Then, the agreement must be written in unambiguous language. Contingencies must be addressed. Gray areas will be extinguished. Potential pitfalls identified and allowances made should they occur.

The time, energy, and resources spent negotiating, drafting, and executing a commercial lease pay enormous dividends. Potential disputes are avoided. Conflict is mitigated. The potential for litigation is greatly lessened.

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